Laptop deals for students in UK

That was such a good idea to make a present to my daughter upon the beginning of her studies at university...
And it had turned into an ordeal which had lasted for three days, cost me money and nerves and ended up in a big disappointment.

This is an address you should remember if you want to make such a "present" to your child:


I would've never expected from "The UK's Largest Online Laptop Specialist" the following exercises:

  • to process my order with an absolutely wrong delivery address I've never given to them and have no slightest idea how it's got into their system
  • to charge me TWICE for the same amount (I've received an e-mail that the second charge has been reversed and the money should be paid back to me in a few days... we'll see)
  • to charge me for "the next day delivery" and never deliver anything
    UPDATE: Eventually, I've managed to receive my order being dispatched to the wrong address, after three days of extensive telephone communication, failed attempts to track the order on the web-site end general frustration.
  • as they've said (by phone and by e-mail), the delivery had failed 'coz the order had been delivered to the wrong address and in order for them to correct my address I should wait for a few days 'coz they should allocate that computer first and then make changes in the order (is that my business or I have to receive what I've paid for and the rest is THEIR business?)

Special comment on the Customers Service: every time I'd tried to contact them, I had to wait a long - I mean, really long!- queue and if that is not enough, every time I'd managed to reach a contact person and explain my problem, I had a different response and promise like "We'll do our best to get your order in place by 20-00 this evening" and then "Sorry, we cannot do anything for you and it takes a few days..." etc.

So, this is definitely NOT a good service and I feel offended being put in a position when I'd been forced to fight for my customer rights. And it seems I'd lost...

Now, I've cancelled the order and eager to see whether the money come back to my account as fast as they've been taken without anything in exchange.

We are going to buy a laptop at a different place and I'm sure there IS a good costomer service in the UK, but we have to be more careful to make a right choice.


Previous update (the order was made sometime in the morning on Mon 08/09/2008 with an option "Next day delivery"):
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