Images of my love in UK

"Love" is a very big word.
In the UK, my love is for the spirits of the cities I've visited and wish to come back again.

London - sophisticated, indifferent and yet very live and vibrating to smallest details.

- masculine, industrial and never promising.

- all too historical and yet warm and friendly.

This is how I feel it... And try to catch the moments of my love in pictures.


What is our life goal anyway?

I'm really fascinated by this joke spotted nowhere else but in the middle of an article in the professional magazine:

An investment banker is on holiday in a lazy Mexican town on the coast. From his balcony he observes a fisherman who appears, to the banker, to have a dream life. He goes out fishing when he needs some money. The rest of the time he mends his nets and sits happily in a bar with his mates.

The banker comes up with a business plan for the fisherman:

- If you were to work harder you could earn enough to run another boat, and before long you would have a fleet. Further growth would enable you to build a processing plant and then a fleet of refrigerated trucks to get the fish to the stores. You would be rich.

- And what would I do then? - asks the fisherman.

- Why,- says the banker - you would be free to go out in your own boat and hang out with your mates in the bar.

Source: Robert Bruce. The corporate paradox. Accounting & Business. Feb.2008, p.88.

How true indeed...