What is our life goal anyway?

I'm really fascinated by this joke spotted nowhere else but in the middle of an article in the professional magazine:

An investment banker is on holiday in a lazy Mexican town on the coast. From his balcony he observes a fisherman who appears, to the banker, to have a dream life. He goes out fishing when he needs some money. The rest of the time he mends his nets and sits happily in a bar with his mates.

The banker comes up with a business plan for the fisherman:

- If you were to work harder you could earn enough to run another boat, and before long you would have a fleet. Further growth would enable you to build a processing plant and then a fleet of refrigerated trucks to get the fish to the stores. You would be rich.

- And what would I do then? - asks the fisherman.

- Why,- says the banker - you would be free to go out in your own boat and hang out with your mates in the bar.

Source: Robert Bruce. The corporate paradox. Accounting & Business. Feb.2008, p.88.

How true indeed...


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