Spaghetti Cabling

I thought that a cabling hurl behind our TV set and those ugly "spaghetti" on the floor in our bedroom (a working place of our family geek, in fact) is a mess.
But when I've seen this...

Spaghetti Cabling that would make a fully-grown sysadmin cry, or… Cable management is for wimps.

Jesus Christ! - that was my first thought, but then I've realised - no, that's fun! :)

I just wish to see the pictures of those guys who can guide through that cabling chaos...


Good bye, quiet life!

When we moved to the village 2 1/2 years ago, one of the main reasons was to have a quiet life in a countryside yet not too far from the town where we work, study, do sports and meet with our friends.
Also, our cats would have there more freedom and security (from human neighbors and cars!).

The thing is... We knew that we couldn't enjoy our privacy indefinitely, and here we are: a construction site has been set up nearby and from now on, instead of the morning bells from the church and the birds singing their "good morning" to the sun, we gonna wake up with a busy roar/rumbling of bulldozers, trucks and concrete mixers (not saying of exhaust). And people, of course. I don't mean those building workers but the people who'll leave in a new house when it's finished.

So, it's time to start working on our own building project in the forest more vigorously. I hope, neighbors will not follow us too fast...


Land (cont'd)

How to build a house on a slope? Shall we hide it in the trees or put it on top of the cliff? How strong are the winds here? Is it possible to remove a tall pine tree from one place to another?

These and many other questions we were pondering on for weeks and last Saturday we went to the land with our friend who has a house in mountains. He gave us a lot of ideas and useful hints.

I think the first couple of months we'll be going there every weekend with different people and just collect ideas and suggestions how to make our new place beautiful and comfortable to live on.

I figured out one obvious benefit yet - fitness! Climbing up is gonna be our main exercise for now :)


Kitten love

Just wanted to share this with you :)

@Weekend Snapshot #13 - Kitten love


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Climax of laziness

You won't believe it but my husband just called me on my mobile from upstairs (I'm sitting downstairs in the kitchen) to tell that he's not gonna drive our daughter to school, so I should go instead.



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The land is bought. What now?

The last 16-18 weeks were an ongoing search for a decent plot of land.

Actually, there is a distinction between the definitions of "plot" and "land" here: the former is for a sort of pre-developed piece of ground (incl. roads, electricity, telephone, water) where you can build a house or a bunch of them at once whereas the latter means a "wild" place either on flat terrains or high in the mountains or somewhere in the middle, and this land requires development and has a little %-age of covered area (6 to 10%).

Since we leave in a cute little house in the village near the shore, we were looking for something absolutely different - forest, heights, cold winter and NO PEOPLE for miles around.
And, finally, we found it. Thanks God!

What made me excited and at the same time a little bit perplexed that the whole deal took only one hour early this morning, when we went to the Land Register with the vendor, signed some papers, paid some money - that's it! We left the building with a piece of yellow paper which confirms the payment of transfer fees and the registered contract. The title will come in a couple of months, and the land is up in the mountains. So we couldn't carry our "purchase" with us :)

Well, it was more than one hour if we count all preliminary works and searches through the public registers, disputes with the vendor and meetings with our lawyer and architect.

But I still can't get used to know that that beautiful piece of pine forest 1100m above the sea level is our now. And I'm missing it already and going to visit it every day (50 min drive one way), because I love it.

I let myself to savour these feelings for a while and don't think of what is coming next - I mean a building project. I suspect it means less free time, less money (or more money to spend, to be precise) and more headache and communication with people for the next couple of years.

The latter shall be a topic of some other posts.


My Grandma

Today is my Grandma's birthday. She'd be 98. She passed away 10 years ago, but I still can't get in terms with that.

As for me, she's somewhere near me and I always remember her voice, her strories and cooking recipes - a lot of minor everyday things that keep on reminding me of her. And of course, I have a picture of my Grandma on the shelf in the kitchen, where I spend quite a lot of time when at home. She's smiling to me, and sometimes I talk to her.

Many years back, my Grandma was such a big and integral part of my life that I couldn't imagine that it could be any other way. I used to wake up early without an alarm clock because I heard a familiar whisper: "Wake up, Lana, it's time to school". And the first thing I felt every morning was a smell of fresh pancakes and a tea waiting for me in the kitchen.
When I came back from school, my Grandma was waiting for me with a fresh lunch and while I was excitied eating and telling my daily news (including bad teachers, fights with the classmates, my top marks on algebra tests etc.) she set quitely listening to me and nodding with her gentle smile, and her warm tired hands stroke my head.

She was the only person in the world I could share my deepest secrets and darkest fears with...

Because of her - and without any special effort, just in due course of our everyday life - the great values such as family, love, care were incorporated in my heart and became as natural as life and breathing.

Now, being grown-up and seeing that for some people to understand, accept and embrace those values takes a lot of efforts, pains and mistakes, I'm really glad that my Grandma had blessed me with her wisdom in early years, when my heart was open and my trust to the world was unlimited.

I'm no longer a girl, but her spirit is still with me. And sometimes when I'm desperate or broken-hearted, I cry and talk to her (picture), and she's smiling to me and I feel her warm hands on my head, and it gets better.

I believe in God and I know that my Grandma is in Heaven. But for me she's still alive somehow....


Скромное обаяние

накануне Нового Года говорю Ксюше о том, что много денег потратили на подарки,
надо откладывать на посторойку нового дома,

- ...Так что нам придется в ближайшее время затянуть пояса.

Едем в машине, я рассказываю, как сегодня ездили на участок и при помощи специалистов и GPS замеряли границы, и что участок оказался даже больше, чем мы предполагали, и можно будет сделать бассейн... нет, два бассейна как в водном парке, со "ступенькой" между ними. Ксюша:
- Только надо быть осторожными, потому что у нас кошки. У одной девочки из моего класса тоже большой бассейн во дворе, и водопад, и колодец, так туда одна кошечка упала - и все...
- Не волнуйся! У нас будет всего два бассейна и маленький водопад между ними.
- Ну мам, ты даешь! Это называется "затянуть пояса"? ВСЕГО два бассейна (смеется)...



I've spotted this link when reading on my friend's blog and here I am, a new member no.948 of the new social network.
Dunno whether I manage to keep up with the condition to blog every day but I'm gonna try and see.
As I've understood, all posts count - on my own blog and on the other members' blogs.
And I've put a badge on my profile to spread the word.


Каждый год для Ксюши - новый (2)

- Ксюша, какие у тебя желания на 2008-й год? Чего бы тебе больше всего хотелось?
- (ни секунды не раздумывая) Сдать экзамен по вождению, чтобы мне дали машину и я, наконец, стала independent.

Затем, после короткой паузы:
  • Чтобы у нас было много денег
  • Похудеть
  • Сдать все экзамены и выбрать университет, который я сама захочу
  • Начать жить самостоятельно
Да... Список очевидно составлен в порядке приоритетов, только вот для нас последние Ксюшины приоритеты как раз самые важные.
Очень хочется, чтобы наш птенчик был счастливым. Только грустно, что время летит так быстро.
Нам с Димой предстоит вскоре проводить много времени вдвоем. Посмеялись...

Да, это будет действительно новый год для нас всех.