Good bye, quiet life!

When we moved to the village 2 1/2 years ago, one of the main reasons was to have a quiet life in a countryside yet not too far from the town where we work, study, do sports and meet with our friends.
Also, our cats would have there more freedom and security (from human neighbors and cars!).

The thing is... We knew that we couldn't enjoy our privacy indefinitely, and here we are: a construction site has been set up nearby and from now on, instead of the morning bells from the church and the birds singing their "good morning" to the sun, we gonna wake up with a busy roar/rumbling of bulldozers, trucks and concrete mixers (not saying of exhaust). And people, of course. I don't mean those building workers but the people who'll leave in a new house when it's finished.

So, it's time to start working on our own building project in the forest more vigorously. I hope, neighbors will not follow us too fast...

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