Happy diet!

Only in USA 45 million people diet every year , spending billions of dollars for weight-loss programs. Obviously, with no much success.
The number of publications on dieting in the UK grows each year by hundreds and thousands. And, again, the number of obese people is still huge (actually, half of all adults in the UK are overweight and one in five are obese). So, million ways of losing weight can be found in book-stores and Internet . 90% of these methods (diets) are unrealistic and ineffective, another 9% are realistic but very complex and difficult in realisation, and only 1% seems to help.
I would like to contribute to the increase of that 1% to 1.1% by introducing my personal diet, which is:
- very simple to follow
- does not require any special effort
- does not restrict you from eating anything you like (that's the key point!)
- based on the combination of the control over your intake of calories, and various types of activities in which these calories are burnt at the time of the food intake or immediately afterwards (that's my revolution indeed).

Actually, all you need to know is:
- how many calories does your favorite food contain and
- what is the energy-consumption rate of your favorite physical activity.
The rest is up to you and your imagination.

Below are just a few samples to start with:

Sample 1. An average apple contains 80 Kcal that is equivalent to 15 min of moderate-pace walking (or 1 hour sitting on a sofa - but that's boring!). So, chew a fruit while walking along the beach (you will clean your teeth at the same time...)

Sample 2. An average pork-chop contains 500 Kcal which is equivalent of 40 min running down a slope. So, after delicious lunch with friends in, say, Psilo Dendro run back home to Limassol, and you remain full (of joy and energy, of course), fit and happy.

Sample 3 - for chocoholics (my favorite). Most dietologists are in a strong opposition to any form of pleasure (that's why they look so miserable!). My diet is a revolutionary new approach (as I've said before) and allows you to eat chocolate and sweets with no limits provided that you burn them properly .
Take a piece of a soft chocolate cake and spread evenly and slowly over a man's body. Then, engaging different groups of muscules, clean the surface thoroughly and - that's important! - at a low speed (thus increasing a tension of muscules). Don't leave an inch unattended - all calories eaten should be burnt!
This exercise is a breathtaking cocktail of effective body training and delicious treat and usually takes from 600 to 1000 Kcal (1 1/2 to 2 pieces of cake) per hour, depending on the size of the object and intensity of the work-out.

P.S. I'm thinking about writing a book myself, just don't have time right now. Also, I have to practice all possible techniques first to give a proper guidance to my readers...


Anonymous said...

Диета замечательная, особенно понравился пункт 3.

Вопрос специалисту: можно использовать любое понравившееся тело ( сколько привлекательных мужских тел ходит по улицам, ест в ресторанах, занимается в фитнес клубах) или только постоянного бойфренда? Учитывая, что к шоколаду я безразлична, а этот пункт диеты очень заинтриговал, что рекомендует намазывать любителям sea food.

Lana said...

Все индивидуально. Кто-то в спротклубе прикипел к одному и тому же снаряду, а кто-то освоил весь зал и фитнесс-классы.
Лично я за разнообразие.
Что касается сифуд - очень полезен крабовый паштет в сочетании с соусом Thousand Islands. Ориентировочно 400 Ккал на час тренировки. Желательно время от времени прерываться на глоток сухого белого вина для утоления неизбежной в таких случаях жажды.

Anonymous said...

Думаю, как избавиться от калорий, содержащихся в пакете с семечками. Семечки – продукт, наверное калорийный :)

Lana said...

Пол-пакета семечек - это эквивалент:
1. умной беседы в течение 30 мин.
2. глупой беседы в течение 45 мин.
3. очень глупой беседы в течение 60 мин.
4. легкой акробатики на передвижном кресле (продолжительность зависит от многих параметров )

Vovanishe said...

В Бухенвальде и Освенциме толстых и даже упитанных не было.
Сорри за казарменный юмор.

Lana said...

Там не было также порк-чопсов и чоколат-кейков ( пытаюсь ответить в стиле того же юмора).
Поэтому этот пример outside of the scope of my diet.

Anonymous said...

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