One day in Prague

I've heard that Prague is beautiful and worth a visit but I would have never expected (after seeing Vienna, Warsaw etc.) that Prague is so beautiful...

Due to the flight schedule, we happened to luckily have a 7-hours gap in our journey from Larnaca (Cyprus) to Manchester (UK) and made a trip to the city center that is Old Prague.

The weather was unusually warm and sunny for middle February, the river Vltava was magnificent in its tranquility.

And, of course, The Castle.

From the hilltop we could enjoy a splendid bird-view of the city expanded on both sides of the river and feel the sun and light medieval breeze.

Misty dawn, naked trees stretching their branches to the sun, little squirrel watching tourists from a safe distance some 200 ft over the ground... bohemian glass... even the ancient sewer hatch which I was careful not to step on - everything was fantastic.

I will definitely come back to Prague and sure for much longer stay.

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