Yet another page to be turned...

This is it. Our daughter has finished school.

Today was her last exam (Chemistry).
When I was driving her this morning, I'd asked: "So, how do you feel?" She'd started saying something, her voice was faultering, and then she just waved her hand and looked away from me at the window: "Mum, please..."

I remember my last days at school, those long days been full of inexplicable urge and anticipation of something huge and wonderful just coming straight on me from outside the open school gates. And I also new that I'd be missing something and I'd never ever get it in my life again. Missing a lot, actually. My school friends, summer camps, my naivety and ackward experiences of love... And above all that feeling of complete freedom and irresponsibility, 'cos responsibility - that's for adults, and the big adults' life just loomed somewhere in the distance yet uninteresting and boring.

I'm proud of our little girl and wish her that the big adults' life will stay at safe distance for some more time.

P.S. Just to mark this life-turning event, we went to Debenhams and bought Ksenia a new swim suit. Summer is in )) And no more exams now!

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