Just a word for forgiveness

Mel Gibson got drunk, was arrested on Friday in Malibu and made some anti-Semitic remarks while being arrested. Now, the Hollywood community is questioning his future as a filmmaker. There are statements that he had "seriously compromised his career" and "betrayed his friends and collegues". And, of course, all this has been immediately referred to and connected to the ongoing Middle East crysis...

Jesus Christ, why people cannot just forgive this man for his mistake. Mel confessed that he'd battled the desease of alcohol for all his adult life. This is a tragedy, and he's still a prominent actor/ filmmaker and good man... Who are those friends been betrayed so easily?

All people make mistakes of different magnitude during their lives. Shame on those who trumpet their judgements instead of trying to understand and forgive.
It's mush more difficult, isn't it?

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