I wish THIS anti-terror war never ends

People all over the world and, particularly, in the UK and USA get paranoid about the resent issue at British Airports and the problem of security (as if it hadn't existed before!).

I had been one of those "victims" of the excessive measures applied at Luton Airport on the 14th of August.

Yes, we had not been allowed (by mistake, as we found later) to have a newspaper and a book in our see-through plastic bag until we pass security check-up, so we put it in the bag and had been "forced" to buy a couple of other books in the after-checkup area. Very interesting books, by the way, and I'm glad that bought them spending some extra money which would be otherwise spent on some less valuable stuff.

Yes, my precious and rather expensive lipstick had been confiscated due to the fact that it was made using liquid materials. I suggested to put it on my lips in front of them or even bite a piece, but three officers handling this issue acted against it in a united front. But they did not just take a lipstick and throw it in the bin (as the one familiar with other airports' securities might expect,) but spent quite a time to comfort me and persuade that it's not because they want to harm me - just they have their orders. I understood.

But look, guys, the order, cleanness and peaceful quiteness of the Luton Airport were amazing.

People enjoyed a longer stay by having snacks and proper English breakfast in cafes, they red papers and books, neetly queued and exchanged jokes like the last resort of terrorists is that the passengers are still allowed to wear pants in the plane.

If this is a feature of the war against terror, I vote for it to never finish.

Order always makes people good.

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