I broke a password!

Just to share my great experience in code-breaking.

I wanted to replace MS Express by MS Outlook and asked my good friend, coincidentally a very clever and skilled IT expert, to help me with it.

Of course, that was very easy for him ...until the time came to enter the e-mail password. I didn't know it, the guy who had set it several months ago was out ot reach.

So, we had two options: either wait until I get in touch with that guy or... Actually, with an IT profi by my side the only decent option was to break through.

Quite a lot of programs which promised to disclose the 12-asterisk stuff had been downloaded from Google. But none of them really worked. Digital fortress held strong. I went down to the kiosk to buy more sigarettes...

Eventually Alexander found a program which managed to reveal three first symbols of the password. He said: "No, this is not good, it shows only three letters. Let's go on to find another one". And THEN my glorious moment came, when I suggested: "Let's delete these three letters and try again then, and the program will show us the other three first letters - and so on". "No, it won't work", replied Sasha but agreed to try. And you know what? It worked! We'd read the password 4 x 3 letters and finished with my e-mail within a minute.

So, dear Sasha and all IT guys! After all, dumb users also have brains, and they work some times.


Mayra said...

Which are the program?

Lana Kurbatsky said...

There is plenty of them!
Go Google and search for "break password" or (better!) call to your IT friend - there is plenty of them either :)