Life is fair after all...

Sunny day, light breeze, nice mood… We are walking down the street with Ksusha, chatting and smiling and obviously being very happy after visiting a couple of trendy shops. The day couldn’t be better unless…

Just when we passed a coffee shop where a group of lazy young Cypriots sat slumped in the comfortable armchairs, talking, the wind blew stronger and my skirt (you know, that type of “one button only”) flew open instantly making the conversation at the coffee shop stop and five pairs of sunglasses gaze at us.

“Mum, c’mon, they saw everything” – my daughter’s voice was sarcastic, - “even the bruise up there”.

While I was trying to figure out why I would have a bruise up there, one of the guys – whom I’d never seen before – leaped up from the chair and ran towards us with a broad smile and his hands opened for a hug.

“Hum, a stranger… It looks like he knows Ksusha”, - I thought seeing her smiling to him, but then he took my hand and kissed it passionately.

“Hello, how are you?” – he was so happy to see us (her? me?) that I’d started feeling sort of, OK, stupid?

Maybe that was a rather straightforward way to make a conversation with two beautiful girls (one of them in a school uniform, by the way)? Am I missing something? And why the hell I have that bruise?!

Thank God, in a minute we remembered that he was the guy who fixed a broken door lock at my office two months ago. Such a memory, ha? And such an after-service support!

Of course we had been invited to have a cup of coffee etc. but left with our most charming smiles and promises about “the other day”.

And then Ksusha told me indignantly: “Mum, it’s unfair. You were with ME! Why was he so happy to see YOU?!”

“O, my poor girl,” – I was going to say, - “life is unfair sometimes…” but suddenly a better thought had sparkled in my head: “Life is fair, because this will be my rrrevennnge for that stupid math and those stupid equations which spoiled my weekend and made me feel an idiot”.

We forgot the guy and went on with our nice time together, one of us just a little bit happier than five minutes ago.

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