Attention on the roads, please!

I was rather busy the last weeks and didn't post anything, but today I'm going to write something which may help (in a way) to prevent the road accidents on our streets.

I was walking (innocent like an angel), thinking nothing. Just remembered the last post from my friend which contained a lot of pleasant words and feelings, and a happy smile (I would think that was a rather stupid happy smile) spread across my face.

I had to cross the road, so I'd stopped and turned my head, still smiling, to check all clear and suddenly locked my eyes with a smart guy on the motorbike who also stopped and turned his head to check his way on the crossroad. Before I'd changed face, he lost his balance and fell down from the bike (actually, together with his heavy bike) still looking in my eyes and smiling as well!

Jesus Christ, that was so funny!

However, it's not safe to stare at girls around when driving. I think :)

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