On the green road of Open Access

Very impressive.

What I like about "getting free, immediate, permanent online access to the full text of research articles for anyone, webwide" is that the information you receive is refined and, by definition, scientifically proved. This is what is lacked sometimes in the wikipedia-like articles heavily hyperlinked and still missing some depth... OK, the ...pedias have a different objective - to feed widely accepted and digestable info to the average Inet users. But non-average people need more.

I've used to be involved in the reaserch processes during those times when the one, in order to have an access to somebody's article, had to browse the huge paper-wooden-made catalogue in the public library and then spend cold and lengthy hours crunched in extremely uncomfortable chair and without immediate, permanent whatever access to some coffee, beer or sigarettes!

Thanks to the Uni of Sauthhampton - now we have access to everything we need. During our research at least.

I'm really eager to start my own research, and EPrints OA gives me plenty of ideas.

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