Economies of scale

No no no, I'm not going to elaborate on the economic theories over here :)

It's just another fine day when I ought to exersise all my powers over our poor daugther Ksusha to go through yet another fascinating (I wish so!) chapter of the study book.

All my powers... It's not only about brainpower, persuasiveness, motivation etc. It's more about a physical power to drag the kid in the kitchen, set in front of me and pull through a few pages of extremely boring text and exersises - extremely boring for her, needless to say, 'cos for me... nevermind.

So, I've made my best to get well prepared. Being unsatisfied by the contents of the chapter and its presentation, I've spent an hour to make a beautiful handout which covered a wide area from economies of scale to organisational structure and as far as to the Porter's value chain model (ok, it might be outside their syllabus but it's so interesting, - I thought).

Also, I answered all the multiple choice questions (to give her correct answers for check-up) and made a plan for the essay which she should be able to write upon the completion of that chapter.

And that was it. Ksusha was strong, responsive and patient in her resistance, so was I... because I had to re-explain some passages two or three times and she had to stop me every now and then from getting, say, too emotional :)

I thought, we never finish... But we did. After three hours of brainwrestling Ksusha answered correctly all the questions and went on with the essay. She was writing industriously, thinking over something, striking out some lines and replacing them by others with her neat handwriting. Page after page was getting covered by her beautiful script... Even cats froze in awe.

I was watching all this, quitely admiring my clever kid and being slightly proud of myself ("oh, I'm not so bad mother after all, help my girl, give support" and other selfish stuff like that).

Ksusha stopped writing again for a minute and I said: "Look, I understand - it's not easy to find the proper wording to formulate your thoughts. Just try to make it easier - like you are writing a letter to me".

And her answer killed me instantly:
-If I was writing a letter to you, I would just say: "Mum, I hate you".

That would be much easier indeed, but is this economies of scale?


Anonymous said...

only kidding, mum.
But hang on a sec...what's that about Porter's value chain model? are you telling me i busted my brain over something that is completely USELESS to me at this stage as its not on my syllabus???
do u realise what a waste of [my] time that's been?
we are SO gonna have a serious talk about this...

Lana said...

I'm SO scared to have a talk about this, I better put in writing.
Porter's model IS in your syllabus (OK, it might be not defined as such but the concept and definitions are dispersed all over the text of your studybook).
And extra knowledge is NEVER useless. You have to grasp the ideas and make yourself thinking economically - at least for the sake of successfully passing the exam.
Othervise, we ARE gonna have a serious talk about t h i s (I mean, exam).