I am so impressed.
Not only by the highest quality of these snapshots, but also by the way I'd happend to express myself without knowing it.

One guy said that in order to look ... I don't remember, to look like what? anyway, we should control our emotions and try to minimize the movements of our mimic muscles. Otherwise we look immature, shallow and just not nice.

I did not get it in the first place and now, after this beautiful and LIVE pictures, I won't :)


RandomShit said...

Hey Lana..really nice blog...and pretty amazing pics too..!!!
am too from Limassol.
hope to hear frm u.

Anonymous said...

I want to know wich program you use to broke the password, Please!!

Lana Kurbatsky said...

There is plenty of them!
Go Google and search for "break password" or (better!) call to your IT friend - there is plenty of them either :)