Do British people have a voice?

What impressed me in this post on the Nick Robinson's BBC Weblog is, actually, not the contents of the post itself (we all knew about the "poodle factor" in British politics way before!) but the comments to it.

Once again I've seen that people in the UK are very much concerned with their country's past, present and future, and they cannot watch indifferently how the current government obediently follows the US President's bold line to destroy the world with his Cold War tactics. They are sincere and open end express their thoughts on the BBC Weblog with a confidence and involvment of the true patriots of their country.

One of the respondents wrote that the Blair/Bush meeting at the White House is "just a way to make Blair more comfortable with his alliance and the British people feel like we have a voice when we have nothing of the sort".

No, it's not true. British people do have a voice and should be proud of it. And Mr.Blair will never feel comfortable with any alliance as long as he works for this country and the people of this country do not share his views and choices and, what's more important, do not keep quite about it.

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