I was born to work with numbers

All the early years of my life I've desperately spent in the music and arts enviroment. That was, actually, my destiny and life-path predetermined by one genuine and unavoidable superpower-force - parents. Been very advanced in maths and having learned how to read and add at the age, when average toddler learns how to walk and run, I was chained to the piano and school's choir for ages...

Since perfection was my ultimate goal in everything, I'd managed to graduate with honours from the Moscow State Conservatory, got my PhD and even published two books and some articles on contemporary music and art. Funny though, in the huge field of the music theory I'd discovered - surprisingly enough - one semi-deserted area where my restless and number-striving mind could get a playground and searchlab the same - this is a theory of Serial Music. Studying and scrutinising endless scores and workings of great composers and analysts during so many days and sleepless nights, I've learned how to turn the music into beautiful equations and proportions, how to find symmetry, balances and progressions in the music texture and - most important - I've discovered that the numerical and logical orders, which I'd carefully ( and maybe rather ackwardly) derived from that music, had been there way before I came to find it... So, the beauty of numbers had been unveiled once again, and I think that was a turning point for my further life and career development.

Why? Because at present I'm a qualified accountant, ACCA member and my everyday chores have absolutly nothing to do with music and arts - unless you count playing CD and occasionally watching my daughter's painting on the opposite wall... But not as simple as that, though.

It seems now that my hard work had served a purpose after all, and more than one.

In the Russian music theory Serial music was presented as underdeveloped area. My initial adea to summarise and further develop existing findings had evolved into a solid monography which had been highly appraised in 1996 (although some people thought that so young girl could not produce something worthy), and the one can spot numerous references and quotes in the Inet articles and catalogues like this for example, mostly in Russia, but in some other countries as well, like Germany, France, China, Azerbaijan - honestly, bearing in mind highly specific nature of the subject, I didn't aim so far...

Also, analytical experience gained in "that" part of my life was very useful and helped me a lot to accommodate myself rather fast and comfortable in accountancy and finacial analysis. It seems sometimes that I could see figures and grasp their sense, meaning and correlations almost instantly, like if I would hear their wonderful music. It's still amazing, after several years on the new grounds, and I'll never get bored of it.

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