How well do I deal with my teen?

While visiting this, I couldn't resist to do a couple of tests concerning two issues important to every parent: knowledge of the teens culture and ability to deal with a teen in conflict.

So, the first test was not as easy as it seemed (5 questions only) because it included questions like "What is special K?" and, of course, I didn't have a slightest idea. Nevertheless, I've managed to score 60% having correctly answered a question "What is Korn" and other two - not so bad!

The second test was much more serious and it was a challenging task, indeed. Why? Because for each of 10 questions there were only two options for answers, and being "old" enough to have a teen child you could obviously figure out which answer is "correct".

I've tried to be honest with myself.

The most difficult question was:

When your teen is angry and hostile, do you escalate the drama or do you work to calm the situation and deal with it when your teen is more under control?

I've opted for the second part, although my guilty conscience didn't let me to make this choice easily - on the contrary... Yeah, the truth is that there were a couple... ok ten - maximum fifteen accounts when (I wish) I could be more calm, thoughtful and patient. But look, guys, I'm also young and have temper, frustrations...just bad days! It's so easy to make wise suggestions like "let the situation diffuse and deal with it when he or she is calmer". Try and do it when your teen tends to get out of control AT LEAST three times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That makes a good 1095 units of sustainability-tesitng per annum, and I wish your manage to get through without casualties.

Anyway, at the end of ends my score was as high as 90%! Which means that I'm "doing well communicating with my teen when there are conflicts". Wishful thinking?

I can see my lovely daughter reading this post, smiling and nodding disapprovingly, and I hope she won't punish me too much for trying to make things better than they are (sometimes). Because I love her very much and try to be a good Mum.

After all, I KNOW what Korn is, ha?


Anonymous said...

ye nina and i sat, nodded and exchanged a few sarcastic comments while reading your post. I'm thrilled that you know what Korn is..and..umm..now that we're on the subject of rock..there's gonna be a HUGE mega metal festival in germany next year...can i go??? *makes big baby eyes*
with my friends. I'll be good!
And if you let me go i'll promise i'll calm down (hopefully) and be a very considerate daughter!
I dont know what teenagers were like in your stone age...but i dont think i'm THAT bad really...
except i know i'm a bit too outgoing .. but i wanna have fun while i'm still here in cyprus where i know everyone and its safe etc etc...coz there wont be much going out in scotland for me. =(((
also i know i dont do that much stuff around the house eg. ironing...but thats coz i believe you're either born with it or not! like with maths! i'm crap at both.
plus since YOU'RE the one who likes tidiness then you should be the one to keep it up=))))
but in my defence..i DO help!
anyway love you loads...hope you're done with the 'teen' tests...

Lana said...

Such a smart girl - takes advantage of everything...

OK, my post wasn't exactly about cleaning or letting you go to the HUGE mega metal festival, but I'm impressed that you've managed to turn it that way.

My girl!