Cyprus Starlight Challenge: Marathon 31.03.07

I'm keen to join this event and already started getting prepped.
Not being able to make the full marathon, of course, I'm going to challenge myself and make a half-distance.
The organisers hope that this will become an annual event and provide participants a regular challenge, fun, fitness and a sense of well being while helping others. Sounds good!


Vovanishe said...

Eeee....Marathon is 42 km 195 m.
Half of it is 21 km.
R U sure?????

Lana said...

Yes, I am sure that 21 km is a half of 42 :)
They said it will be a marathon
w a l k .
Also, I trust in my friend's support (just in case...)

Lana said...

This is a part of the organiser's response to my query:

"As to fitness, for the half marathon you would need to do some regular walking in preparation. Walk on the night( if you are reasonably fit )would take between 3 and 4 hours.
We have people of all ages and fitnesss levels so I am sure you would be fine if you prepare now and walk in the next 8 weeks and also combine this with a programme of stretching, yoga or pilates".