IQ (continued) or Bill Gates in my office.

for those who beleives in testing...

You won't beleive it! I had a chance to witness a new Bill Gates completing this test in front of me.
I don't exaggerate. Read it:
Congratulations, Michael!
Your IQ score is 126 (BTW: Not bad but when you read below...)

Your Intellectual Type is Facts Curator (F*** Curator - what does it mean?). This means you are highly intelligent and have picked up an impressive and unique collection of facts and figures over the years (given that the year of birth is 1984... he must collect a hell impressive lot of facts since then). You've got a remarkable vocabulary and exceptional math skills — which puts you in the same class as brainiacs like Bill Gates.

Now, let's see some details which prove:

1. The true value of that IQ.
2. The true value of the "brainiacs like Bill"'s IQ (sorry, but they chose his name for that intellectual type).
3. The true value of the test.

Question 13. A boy is 4 years old and his sister is three times as old as he is. When the boy is 12 years old, how old will his sister be?
16 20 24 28

Michael's answer was: А где 36? Where is 36? (I assume that was for 12*3). Seeing me frozen in astonishment, the brainiac produced Version No.2: where is 15? (12+3)

And this guy is IT!!!!!

Question 23. Which number should come next? 64, 16, 4, 1, ¼? 1/16 1/12 1/8 1/2 1

You won’t believe it! He used a calculator!!!!!

Next question: Which one of these five things is least like the other four? Plum Grape Apricot Peach Cherry

He was thinking more than 3 minutes! His comment was: «все растут на деревьях» - "they all grow on trees" (!!!!)
Somebody send me a picture of a grape tree.

A little of geometry: так, у нас здесь остается ромбик (СМОТРИ, ЕСЛИ ОВАЛ С КВАДРАТИКОМ СОВМЕСТИТЬ, ПОЛУЧАЕТСЯ РОМБИК - цитирую дословно!)

Congratulations, Michael, indeed :)


jujav4ik said...

Damn, gladly i'm not the only person who saw rhombus at the last question! :D

Lana Kurbatsky said...

Dare to go through the whole test? We could have a new Steve Jobs on my blog as well :)

jujav4ik said...

No, thanks, Lana, every time I'm taking a test for IQ, it appears that I'm phenomenally stupid! :D I don't want to disappoint myself if suddenly i'll get good results! :))

Lana Kurbatsky said...

Every time I visit http://j4vk.com/wordpress/ (and for me that's worse than taking an IQ test), it appears that I'm phenomenally stupid as well :)
At least we found something in common. So, Andrey, you are welcome to continue visiting my blogspot - although you will never read here anything like this:
and never get disappointed :)

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