Maths Test

The UK's Royal Society of Chemistry is offering a £500 prize to the person who answers their question correctly (note: the English question above, not the Chinese one!).

I'm afraid they'll have to pay thousands to those who manage to pass a Classic IQ test.

Does anybody have a doubt that the world'll be all Chinese very soon? And them Chinese, they know better what to do with money... They count better.

P.S. And we thought our maths in Russian schools was superior...


Andrey said...

Russian maths is still good, because at the 10-11th I'd be able to solve the first exercise at Geometry classes, so Chinese won't take over the whole world :)

Lana Kurbatsky said...

I knew it!
Are you still able to solve the first exercise? (ofcoz u r - no doubt). If you laid out your solution here, I would put in my version... so we 'd bring some brains and Russian flavour to this blog :)

Andrey said...

Lana, unfortunately, I can't, because I forgot the material about plains theorems, so it's useless to even try doing anything :)

Mikhail said...

the answer on 2nd is
(i)5 м
(ii) 6 м2
(iii) tg of 45

Lana Kurbatsky said...

So, Michail, how do we split those 500 sterling pounds?

I suggest a very simple formula where "s" is a total prize amount, "d1" is my share and "d2" is yours:

d1 =___________________
s*sq.root of t

d2 = d1 - s*sq.root of t

где: t - время, достаточное для того, чтобы женщина потратила столь малую сумму (500 ф.) в хорошем магазине

s*sq.root of t - вероятностиь того, что все деньги будут потрачены без остатка и со скоростью работы кассового аппарата

roc said...

The second test is too simple. It can be done by a chinese student who study in elementary school. Are you the math teacher?

btw: i am chinese. my english is poor.

Lana Kurbatsky said...

Dear Roc,

Your English is perfect, and I'm not a maths teacher as you can see from my profile.

But you are right: the second test is soooooo simple that I couldn't beleive it's prizewinning for an English university first-year students...

China is doing great (including the education system), and my post is just another minor evidence of it.

roc said...

thinks for your encourage. I will try to do better in English.

China may be great. But it will pay a lot for their achievement in the further. I think entironment is boring day by day. The sandstorm can arrive peking now.

Basic education system actually is good. Students who learn in high school can do something that be taught at collage before. I think it because chinese population is too large. But the high technology is backward, and pepole like use foreign produts.

This is my view of my motherland.

Lana Kurbatsky said...

2 roc:

I wouldn’t agree with that: “But the high technology is backward, and people like using foreign products” (although you surely know better) because, for example, of this:

Nanotechnology key to China's future economic success

China recently released plans to radically increase its research and development capabilities over the next fifteen years. It will be a grand experiment to see if the country can become a global innovation center.
Central to these prospects is a number of key frontier technologies - including nanotechnology - aimed at ensuring the country's long-term competitiveness.

A senior Department of Commerce official recently claimed that China is rapidly gaining on the United States in nanotechnology.
This news comes on top of the latest OECD forecast that China will have spent more on research and development than Japan in 2006, making it the world's second highest investor in R&D after the United States.

China's current nanotechnology research, education and manufacturing investments are only the tip of the iceberg.
Over the coming years, there is the real potential for China to rapidly advance in making new nanotech scientific discoveries that lead to commercializing new, innovative nano-based products that are produced by its burgeoning, highly skilled and relatively cheap workforce.

Now is the time for the United States and others around the world to cooperate with the Chinese on risk research and work toward getting a suitable oversight system in place from the start to ensure a safe and level commercial playing field.

From: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2007-02/poen-nkt020507.php

The last rather eloquent statement (see: "now is the time", "cooperate", "risk", "safe and level playing field") should simply read like this:

Beware of China’s forthcoming global leadership.

This is how I see your motherland and I think you should be proud of it.

Roc said...

I love my motherland. But many people live badly.

China is great in aspect, I think. Mass more need food, house, and money to live than nanotechnology.

Our government often says china is great. His people are also thinking china is great. So everyone can work all day and all night for nation and China make more economic success than before. Government advocates the common prosperity. Let some people get rich first, and let those rich help other people to get rich. But the gap between rich and poor is growing now. Government advocates harmonious society recently. Everybody can not guess what should to advocate in tomorrow.

May be I was a poor, not feel satisfy. :(